Spam Texts, Part 2

In Vanuatu, spam texts are a thing. A major thing. I get approximately three spam texts a day until the Christmas season, when I started receiving closer to eight or nine a day.

Spam texts are just general texts that either the service provider, the government, or various stores can send to every user of TVL or Digicel (the two service providers in Vanuatu). This is one of the best ways to advertise, because not everyone gets a newspaper (it's only distributed to Espiritu Santo, Efate, and Tanna), and not everyone listens to the radio or can get radio signal (although radios are a major source of entertainment and news, especially during emergencies). Mostly everyone has a phone, so the best way to reach a massive amount of people is to send a spam text.

Here are a few, typed with the same punctuation and language...
(for reference, 100vt is approximately $1 usd)

From: Air Vanuatu
Message: Effective 1 Feb. 2019, all Air Vanuatu domestic customers including children and infant must present a Photo ID at check-in. Call 20200 for more info.

From: Yamaha
Message: Yumi mas prepare long saeklon sison. Karem wan NIU mo gud kwaliti Yamaha generator long Asco Motors. Call 5540002. Time to prepare for cyclone season. Get a NEW and good quality Yamaha generator from Asco Motors. Call 5540002.

From: MoET Kampen [Ministry of Education and Training Campaign]
Message: Evri pikinini i gat raet blo go lo skul. Lisen lo FM107 tedei lo 7pm blo save ol rikwaemen blo enrolem pikinini lo skul! Mesaj ikam lo Ministri blo Edukesen. Every child has a right to go to school. Listen to FM107 today at 7pm to find out the requirements to enroll your child in school! Message from the Ministry of Education.

From: MoET Kampen [Ministry of Education and Training Campaign]
Message: Pikinini blo yu bae i kasem 4 yia o moa bifo 31 Mei 2019? Mekem sua se yu enrolem hem blo hem i stat skul lo 4 Feb 2019. Mesaj ia ikam lo Ministri blo Edukesen. Is your child turning 4 or more years old before May 31, 2019? Make sure you enroll them to start school on February 4, 2019. Message from the Ministry of Education.

From: ProMedical
Message: ProMedic i wantem mekem i klia lo evriwan se FRI Laen blo hem 115 emi blo ol URGENT KOL NOMO. Emi TABU blo man i pleple lo Fri Laen ia mo mekem ol prank kol. ProMedic wants to make it clear to everyone that the FREE Line number 115 is for URGENT CALLS ONLY. It's FORBIDDEN to mess around on the Free Line and make prank calls. 

Message: Digicel asks Public to RESPECT the USE of Emergency Numbers 114 - Maritime & 115- Promedics. ONLY USE these numbers for matters of EMERGENCIES. Thank You.

From: Vanua2Ferry
Message: Due to strong customer demand, Vanuatu Ferry and Vanuatu Cargo are doing a boat exchange to accommodate more customers. The schedule will be sent to you shortly.

From: Vanua2Cargo
Message: VOYAGE VC02C/19 DEP:VILA/TANNA:19/01/19 12nn.ARV:TANNA 20/01/19 6am.DEP:TANNA 20/01/19 4pm.ARV:VILA 21/01/19 6am.

From: CANAL+
Message: New option! Naia yu save recordem ol program blong yu mo enjoem on Demand movie! 500 vt / manis nomo, be spos yu renew blong 3 manis hemi fri ! Kolem 23274. New option! Now you can record your shows and enjoy onDemand movies! Only 500vt/month, but if you renew for 3 months, it's free! Call 23274.

From: Warning #40
Message: 18/02/19 12AM. TC OMA, CAT 2, center D,6. Mov S 17KM/HR. Winds and Red alert for SANMA. Yellow alert for MALAMPA. Rain,flash flooding over Northern & parts of Central group.

Message: Stret ofa blo yu! Jekemaot DATA, SMS + VOIS lo JIP PRAES NOMO! Daelem *678# blo pem! Blo Kasem SUPA TUFF Data klik ia. 200vt nomo blo kasem 400MB. An offer just for you! Check out DATA, SMS and VOICE at an affordable price! Dial *678# to purchase! To get SUPER AWESOME Data, click here. Only 200vt to get 400mb.

From: +1644
Message: HEY! Do you have what it takes to WIN 5,000 VT TODAY? Text HAPPY to 1644 and BETTER your chances of WINNING EASY MONEY! 20vt/txt

From: Sports
Message: Check out the Latest Sports news, updates and many more today. Just click on the link here ____. Share this to all your friends and family.

From:  VPF [Vanuatu Police Force]
Message: "Protektem famili, fren mo yuwan taem yu go long Internet" from Crime Prevention & Community Safety Office, Vanuatu Police Force. Protect family, friends and yourself when you go on the internet.


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