How You Can Help

Friends and family and good-hearted individuals from back home and all around the world have reached out to ask how they can help.

I don't currently need any funding or donations at my school, but my fellow PCVs have their own projects that need funding!

For Peace Corps projects, a community is required to donate at least 25% of what is required to complete a project, so outside funding is only 75% or less. As you know, the government has been making budget cuts left and right, so grants are not as plentiful anymore. Your help is very much needed!

Here are some current projects that you can donate to. Thanks from all of us! <3

Mallory's community on the island of Malekula needs your support!

They are working towards every household in Tembibi having safe sanitary pour flush toilets. Currently, two to four households (around 20 people) are sharing a single open pit toilet. This source of uncovered human waste is a huge health risk. Our goal is to buy the supplies and build 47 pour flush toilets. Your help will allow them to buy over 2 tons of cement, 25 meters of rebar, toilet lids, and hand washing stations. The Peace Corps website has used Mallory's widely unknown first name but I swear Amelia Thomas is her. Here is the link! Thank you for your consideration!



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