How You Can Help

Friends and family and good-hearted individuals from back home and all around the world have reached out to ask how they can help.

I don't currently need any funding or donations at my school, but my fellow PCVs have their own projects that need funding!

For Peace Corps projects, a community is required to donate at least 25% of what is required to complete a project, so outside funding is only 75% or less. As you know, the government has been making budget cuts left and right, so grants are not as plentiful anymore. Your help is very much needed!

Here are some current projects that you can donate to. Thanks from all of us! <3


Women's Handicraft Center

Volunteer Chelsea has opened up this project to assist the Community's Council of Women (PCW). The donations you give will go towards purchasing sewing machines and related materials to facilitate sewing workshops for the women in Chelsea's community. Many women in Vanuatu earn their income through selling handicrafts, and this is a major step in teaching them practical business skills that will be used for both economic and social advancement.

Click here to donate to the women's handicraft center. 


Camp GLOW/BILD (Girls Leading Our World/Boys in Leadership Development)

The donations you give will support funding for a training for young Vanuatu people to learn how to host workshops on building healthy relationships, sex education, building confidence and choosing good role models, and developing good leadership.

The GAD (Gender and Development) program here in the Peace Corps helps me and other volunteers immensely by creating culture-specific materials for us to use. I use their manual when I host puberty workshops at my school, and your donations will support their programming.

Click here to donate to Camp GLOW/BILD.


Veronica's Primary School Solar Project

Your donations will help volunteer Veronica's school purchase a new solar system and resources for the school.. Solar power is the main power source in villages throughout Vanuatu, and here it will power a new printer and a couple laptops to provide more technology for the school's everyday use.

Classroom time is often wasted by students copying down extensive notes that teachers take time writing on the chalkboard. The simple addition of a laptop and printer to a school here clears up hours of time that teachers can better use for teaching and students can better utilize for hands-on learning.

Click here to donate to her solar project.


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