How You Can Help

Friends and family and good-hearted individuals from back home and all around the world have reached out to ask how they can help.

I don't currently need any funding or donations at my school, but my fellow PCVs have their own projects that need funding!

For Peace Corps projects, a community is required to donate at least 25% of what is required to complete a project, so outside funding is only 75% or less. As you know, the government has been making budget cuts left and right, so grants are not as plentiful anymore. Your help is very much needed!

Here are some current projects that you can donate to. Thanks from all of us! <3

My amazing fellow volunteers, Annalisa and Sydney lead the GAD (Gender and Development) committee, which is currently organizing the 2019 Kamp GLOW/BILD Training of Trainers, where they will train my fellow volunteers and members of their communities to run youth leadership camps in their villages. These camps will help teens and adolescents in Vanuatu gain self-esteem, develop life and relationship skills, set goals, prepare for puberty, and take ownership of their reproductive health care. Together, they will help empower girls and boys across the 83 islands of Vanuatu! In order to make this training a reality, they need your support! To learn more and contribute to this project, check out the project page here.  To see what the 2017 Kamp looked like, check out the video link here.


SMART Sistas is a local group that invests in IT and STEM education opportunities for girls in Vanuatu. We are especially excited because they’ve got a week long camp coming up in August 2019, which girls from the Efate area worked hard to apply for. This camp is a huge opportunity for female students who are often left out of the tech sphere. Educational opportunities for girls is also a big part of Peace Corps work in Vanuatu and across the globe so partnering these two organizations is inspiring to say the least. Local partners and parents have contributed a lot to this camp, but you can donate too if you’d like. Follow the link to donate or find out more about this project.


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