On the 12 Days of Spam Texts, my Nokia messaged me...

In Vanuatu, spam texts are a thing. A major thing. I get approximately three spam texts a day until the Christmas season, when I started receiving closer to eight or nine a day.

Spam texts are just general texts that either the service provider, the government, or various stores can send to every user of TVL or Digicel (the two service providers in Vanuatu). This is one of the best ways to advertise, because not everyone gets a newspaper (it's only distributed to Espiritu Santo, Efate, and Tanna), and not everyone listens to the radio or can get radio signal (although radios are a major source of entertainment and news, especially during emergencies). Mostly everyone has a phone, so the best way to reach a massive amount of people is to send a spam text.

Here are a few, typed with the same punctuation and language...
(for reference, 100vt is approximately $1 usd)

From: ChickenSale

From: Asco Motors
Message: 10% OFF Fisher and Paykel whitegoods, only at Asco Motors! Fridges, freezers, dryers, cooktops, ovens! Call Andre 5540006. Hurry, stock is limited!

From: Wilco
Message: Kam mekem last Xmas shopping blong yu long Wilco! Ikat fulap toys mo home electrical appliances lo gudfala price! Chanis hemia nomo. Kolem mifala lo 22385/35240. (translation: Come make your last minute Xmas shopping at Wilco! There's lots of toys and home electrical appliances at a good price! Last chance. Call us at 22385/35240)

From: +1644
Message: Naoia Janis blo Yu blo WINIM 11,300VT TUDEI! Texem XMAS iko lo 1644 mo Yu save WINIM 5,600VT TUMARO! Tex Naoia! 20vt/tx. (translation: Now's your chance to win 11,300VT today! Text XMAS to 1644 and you can win 5600VT tomorrow! Text now! 20vt/text)

From: Yamaha
Message: For the perfect gift for your family this Christmas, pick up a NEW Yamaha generator from only 28,000VT! ET1, EF2600, EF5500, EF7200. Call 5540002 to find out more!

From: DevicePromo
Message: Get the Best Gift! Huge Discounts on Smartphones starting at 4,500VT only + 600MB + 600Mins free call + 600SMS for 2 days. Visit TVL shop in Santo, Vila and Tanna promo end 31/12/18. Info 081111

From: NBV (National Bank of Vanuatu)
Message: Ol staf, Manejmen mo Board blong NBV oli tekem taem ia blong oli wisim yu mo famili blong yu wan Meri Kristmas. Yumi Vanuatu! (translation: All NBV staff, management and board members would like to take the time to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. We are Vanuatu!)


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