Resources for Future PCVs

Are you going to be serving in Vanuatu? That's awesome. Since G28 Frances's Peace Corps packing list was *huge* for us G29ers, I wanted to bestow some wisdom on future volunteers here in Vanuatu with some packing/shopping lists of my very own. Plus: Everyone loves lists!

I think it's helpful to know what kind of person I am, and how you may adapt my list to your needs.
  • My site is near Port Vila, so I find myself in town (to stock up on supplies or dress up and go out or to just eat a big juicy cheeseburger with a chocolate milkshake on the side) more than other PCVs do. 
  • My greatest hobby is video editing, so a killer computer and good camera was essential to me. 
  • I hate buying new stuff, especially if I have something that works "just fine." Before departing the USA, I asked around to get things from friends or just dealt with what I had. I spent only $300 (which is still a lot) on "stuff for PC" that was essential, like dry bags or solar batteries or converters etc. I didn't buy new backpacks and luggage and things because's a volunteer position. I am just trying to be cheap and practical. 
  • In general, I am a more practical person over frivolous. But I do love frivolity once in a while. Frivolous things make service, and life in general, more fun. :) 

With all that being said, here are some links for you:

We wish a warm welcome to future PCVs; G29's Vanna coordinated the making of this video.

List of challenges you'll encounter as a PCV in Vanuatu (hint: it's not just homesickness)

Packing list for 27 months of Peace Corps service in Vanuatu

Secondhand clothing shopping finds

Would you like to know what Peace Corps issued us upon arrival? Here is a list of housewares  PC provides and also what is included in your medical kit.

What does the first three months of training look like? Check out my video documenting our 2017 training in Epau and on Pele.

You're in Vanuatu and just swore in! Congrats! Here's a shopping list for stocking up for your first three months at site (housewares and groceries).

To get an idea of what things I miss from home and/or ask for in care packages, check out my care package FAQ page.

If you want to read up on other G29 PCV experiences, check out a list of their blogs.


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