A simple reminder that I do not NEED anything. But, if you'd like to send something cool my way, you're an amazing human and I love you for thinking of me.

For my address and basic mail tips, check out this post.

For care package advice, check out this post.

The care package blog post has tons of generic ideas of things to send. However, below is a list of more specific items for myself as well as for the students/community.

For myself:

  • Butterfingers

For the students/community:
  • nail polish
  • reward stickers, in English
  • blow-up beach balls with the world map printed on them
  • uninflated rubber playground balls (like a Voit ball)
  • the *good* Dr. Seuss books (like The Lorax, Oh The Places You'll Go and Cat in the Hat, in English, of course)
  • temporary tattoos
  • anything uniquely American or American-holiday-related that's worth sharing, like stuff that Target sells in the dollar bins (gotta meet that goal two)!


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