COS Memories

COS stands for Close Of Service or Continuation of Service. Once serving in Peace Corps, you get the lifelong title of RPCV, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

This past week G29 attended our COS conference in Port Vila. Because it's nearing the end, the office splurges a little on us. Instead of our usual Port Vila budget motel, we get to stay at the Ramada, a place with a pool, a restaurant, and little shampoos and conditioners in the shower.

The week was full of 8am-5pm conferences and of course filled with fun little memories. Here are just a few.

Devon gave me a long, warm embrace saying he wanted to cherish our last week together and concluded it by pulling away and saying, "Haha! Now you've got lice."

Frances and Taylor requested cheese-less pizza for the vegans and a third of our pizzas ended up being cheeseless.

Jacob and I watched a full episode of "Border Security: Australia's Front Line," a reality TV show about Sydney airport's TSA agents. ("Jacob! It wasn't just a back brace, she was CONCEALING COCAINE!")

Sydney, Devon and I spoon on the resource room couch, and Veronica gets mad that we're occupying the couch while others want to sit and work. Devon's response: "Well, there's three of us now, and it's a three person couch. So technically we're not wasting any seating opportunities."

"I just want everyone to know that the online reviews say this place is a terrible, dirty restaurant with bad food. So feel free to bail on dinner plans. It'll be a trial if you choose to come!" --AJ, enthusiastically inviting everyone to her birthday dinner

I sit down after a presentation and find the table soaked. "Let me explain the water..." --AJ

PC staff Marie gives a speech to congratulate PCV Adam on his service, most of which is just "Adam hemi Adam!" (Adam is just Adam!)

Iririki karaoke night included the men playing shirt-swap roulette.

The male PCVs all shaved to get moustaches in honor of PCV Joe, who had to end his service only a month after we were sworn in.

Nhia photoshopped the guys' moustache photo for nearly four hours to get a laser background.

Dancing to Fleetwood Mac's Rumours on the party barge.

"We cheersed to starfishing so many times last night." --AJ

Headbanging to Andre's rendition of "Give it Away" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers at karaoke night at Warhorse Saloon.

The female volunteers didn't want to get left out of the group photo opportunities...


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