Link: Unofficial Peace Corps Cookbooks Offer Volunteers a Taste of Home

Here in Vanuatu, it's no surprise that we American volunteers can't find all of our favorite snacks and foods that comfort us back home, let alone the food security that we've become so accustomed to.

We make use of what is available in the island stores, trying to get creative by perhaps delving into a canned tuna version of crab cakes or making cheese from powdered milk or baking a cake with a pot over a fire.

Here's a great article on National Geographic about how all Peace Corps countries worldwide have an unofficial cookbook that circulates among volunteers so we can make the most with what we have, and have those comforts from home. The books are very much written like my 6th-grade home economics textbook, for those who never had culinary experience and don't know how to properly make a hard-boiled egg.

Read the article above, and enjoy some of these snippets from a Vanuatu PC cookbook.


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