Oh, Santiago: Part 2

Santiago is a fellow education trainee who is one of my closest friends here, and who has a unique personality that I would love to summarize...but I think it's far more fun to list some quotes of actual things he has said aloud, so you can imagine it on your own.

This is the second edition of "Oh, Santiago."
  • “The tomatoes I use are expensive. They grow on Mount Vesuvius.” – When he elaborated on his killer Bolognese recipe
  • (During Bislama class, when we’re instructed to have a regular conversation in Bislama, so Santi and I discuss the TV show “Mad Men”) “From se mi laekem mid-century design, specifically, Scandanavian-inspired.”
  • “Mi wantem cam Roger Sterling. O…Joan Harris [I want to be Roger Sterling. Or, Joan Harris.]”
  • As a group of boys run past us wearing Mother Hubbard dresses: “Did I miss the Laonamoa drag night?”
  • “I’m so excited my drag persona has become international.” – When he wore an island dress for a local talent show in Pele
  • “Should we sing a sea shanty? I know ‘What Do We Do With A Drunken Sailor.’ You know it, too. We can sing it with an accent!”
  • “That’s how I want to die: eating luxurious foods. Gout: The Rich Man’s Disease.”
  • “I was never allowed in the Harvard beekeeping club. It was like a front for all the cool kids to hang out.”
  • “Long taem ago, lo wan galaxy no klosap…” – In class as we were instructed to tell a famous story in Bislama. He also used “Luke Wokabaot” as the main character’s name. 
  • “I would like to unsubscribe from this conversation.”
  • Santiago wrote this note on a world map painted on a wall...

Important to note: Santiago attended Harvard University. 


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